Enable office documents, presentations in web and mobile apps

Document and presentation sharing could be of utmost importance if you’re building an e-learning platform, LMS or a collaboration tool like Slack. While e-learning industry has been following SCORM guidelines for content, off-late due to increased mobile penetration and complexity involved in creation and consumption of SCORM, focus has been shifted to content that can be easily created and consumed on all web and mobile devices.

While you need special tools and knowledge to create SCORM content, creating a PowerPoint presentation, document or a video is much easy. Moreover, in an era where primary kids create and consume presentations and documents, it becomes important that your web and mobile apps not only support sharing and viewing of such content but also the tracking of consumption behavior and important stats.

Xembedo with its easy to integrate API can empower the content layer of your web and mobile apps. Xembedo converts documents and presentations to HTML embeds that work  in all browsers and devices.  Not only your users can share and view the content within your app but by using web-hooks you can also provide them rich insights related to content being shared.

Build great web or mobile apps for your business needs that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems leveraging our robust APIs and developer tools and provide secure access to your proprietary content within your web or mobile apps.

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