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Content has always been the king, be it in the form of text, images or videos. Most successful products today are successful because of the content users share and consume every single minute. Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Slideshare and Pinterest all have features that enable their users to share and consume content in different forms.launch

In the technology age where more than 500 billion+ office documents and 10 billion+ presentations are created every year using Office suite, Google docs and other software, it becomes important that all such content is accessible on all devices especially mobile and tablets.

Xembeo is here to provide you with the best, most affordable and easy-to-integrate solution that would take care of all your within app content needs.

What is Xembedo?

Xembedo written as {X}embedo is document and presentation conversion API that quickly converts your documents & presentations in a format that can be viewed in full fidelity on any device (Desktop, iOS or Android).

Xembedo converts presentations and documents to high quality embeds that are device agnostic. Our robust API and extensions will empower your users to upload, view and share content inside your secure website or mobile application.

Whether you are building a mobile app, website or LMS, your users upload, view and share documents & presentations within your secure website or application.

Do what you are good at, create great apps with awesome features that your users would love and leave your content worries to us.

Give it a try and share your feedback!

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