Platform Independent Presentation & Document Embedding API

Xembedo converts presentations and documents to high quality embeds that are device agnostic. Our robust API and extensions will empower your users to upload, view and share content inside your secure website or mobile application.

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Why Xembedo

Fast, Crystal-clear Universal Embeds

Xembedo quickly converts your documents & presentations in a format that can be viewed in full fidelity on any device (Desktop, iOS or Android).

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Get started within a few minutes with highly flexible and easy to use APIs & Extensions.

Empower your Apps & Users

Whether it’s a mobile app, website or LMS, your users upload, view and share documents & presentations within your secure website or application.

{X}embedo in Action

Xembedo output enables content consumption on any system or device - including iPad/iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows (desktop & tablets), Linux, Mac, etc.

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